This Is Where We Belong

(unfortunately, this is a partial post for now - I took my phone for a swim I probably shouldn't have tonight, and lost a lot of photos that way...) It's really been way too long since I've had an adventure like this... meet a new friend, and explore - that's all there is to it. No one to impress, no group to lead, no cats to herd, Of course nothing I ever do goes all the way to plan, and the trip started with fixing a flat tire, but after that, we were on our way exploring. First stop was…

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You Are In A Maze Of Twisty Little Passages, All Alike

Just as we left Albany, the pouring rain actually began falling, as the rest of the group promised as they decided to leave and not even try camping another night. It wasn't at all how I'd hoped this would go; I barely managed to keep the last meetup together, and this time we only explored one place before falling apart, albeit on mostly good terms. I didn't really care anymore though, we were still trying to explore, and it doesn't rain underground. I'd gotten decent directions from one of the cavers I met last month on how to see the…

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Anything Goes

It seems like I have the most exploring success when I try the least. Right as I was ready to stop putting any effort into it at least until after Christmas and bonus time, I heard from a TV producer who was thinking of including me in his show. Of course technical difficulties got the better of us for a while, and a video chat and photo slideshow turned into a phone call, but it seemed promising. Then the next day I got a very frightening email saying that they wanted to see a sample of a 10-minute documentary by…

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Summer Reruns

Back in the subway for the Nth time. It's a waste of a chance to get out somewhere with a real explorer, but maybe, just maybe, it might lead to something better in the future. Until then, I guess I should just be glad to have gotten out at all. Spider! Hmm, maybe it was worth the trip. I never had a wide angle any other time I was here.

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Missiles? What Missiles?

My friend came in from Ithaca this weekend for some exploring, and after some Friday night drinking and draining (making use of his crow-wrench tire iron that I took by mistake almost six years ago and *still* forgot to return), we thought we should try some new places out in Niagara Falls, see if we could find a "missile silo" someone posted on UER about a month ago. It didn't go according to plan at all, we went around in circles looking for it, found a few fenced off vacant lots, and finally something that looked like a plausible base.…

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The Underground Art

It may be trivially easy to access, and everyone's been there, but one of the best things about the Rochester abandoned subway is that every few months, the graffiti changes like the exhibits in a gallery. This time, we were here to remember Seth (HIAR) who took his own life last winter, and try to get pictures of as much of his art as is still around...

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