Patterns That Can Scarcely Be Controlled

1. Parkway Hospital, Queens

2. Forest Hills trash hospital

3. Tryon State School

4. Fownes factory, Amsterdam

5. Glenville elementary school

6. St. Ann’s convent, Buffalo

7. “Epic Church”, Buffalo

8. The Hall Of, Niagara Falls

9. Carborundum/Globar factory, Niagara Falls

10. Air Force radar station 763, Niagara county

11. Akron gypsum mines/caves

12. KMart corporate headquarters, Troy MI

13. Wilkens Elementary, Detroit

14. Grand Blvd Methodist Church, Detroit

15. St. Margaret Mary church, Detroit

16. St. Margaret Mary school, Detroit

17. Schoenherr drain, Macomb MI

18. NAWCAD power station, Trenton

19. Naval jet testing facility, Trenton

20. Imani Church, Trenton

21. MLK School, Trenton

22. Lang School, Buffalo

23. Stadler Theatre, Buffalo

24. Mary McClellan hospital, Cambridge NY

25. Xylonite factory, Adams MA

26. Carroll Park drain, Baltimore

27. Jones Falls 4 drain, Baltimore

28. Jones Falls Corridor, Baltimore

29. Druid Hill drain, Baltimore

30. Gwynn’s Run 2 drain, Baltimore

(somewhere in Philadelphia)

(revisit) Trenton jet engine factory

31. Proctor’s Theater, Newark

32. Old Essex Jail, Newark

33. St Matthew’s, Buffalo

34. Otis factory, Buffalo

35. Curtiss-Wright, Buffalo

36. St Mary’s hospital, Niagara Falls

37. Embroidery factory, Niagara Falls

38. Pharoah’s Nightclub, Niagara Falls

(revisit) Akron mines

39. Packard Plant, Detroit

40. Elementary school, Detroit

41. Unknown church, Detroit

42. St Curvy’s church, Detroit

43. Rose School, Detroit

44. Church demolition, Detroit

45. Fall St Incinerator, Rochester

46. Cobbs Hill water towers, Rochester

47. Abandoned hotel, Muskegon MI

48. MLK Middle School, Muskegon Heights MI

49. Funeral home, Muskegon MI

50. Shaw & Walker factory, Muskegon

51. Dry cleaners, Muskegon Heights

52. Hair salon, Muskegon

53. Animal World, Gary, IN

54. Miracle Word Faith Center, Gary

55. Norton school, Gary

56. City Methodist, Gary

57. Horace Greeley school, Gary

58. Boxing gym, Gary

59. Banneker school, Gary

60. Eastern Orthodox church, Gary

61. Clark St factory, Gary

62. Ambridge school, Gary

63. Emerson high school, Gary

64. Spaulding middle school, Gary

(liminal space in South Bend while I was waiting for a train)

65. Laundry Brook drain, Boston

66. Metropolitan State admin building, Walpole MA

67. Fernald State School, MA

68. Pondville hospital, MA

69. Mississippi river bluff cave, MN

70. Arden Hills ammunition plant, MN

71. Alien City, Minneapolis MN

72. Milk Truck cave, Lilydale MN

73. Lyman Cave, Lilydale MN

74. “Nat Geo” cave, Lilydale MN

75. Gold Medal tailrace, Minneapolis MN

76. Utility tunnel? Minneapolis, MN

77. some Minneapolis rooftop

(Gary Methodist again)

78. Random factory on 5th St, Gary

79. Hebron Missionary Church, Gary

80. Horace Mann high school, Gary

(animal hospital again)

81. Church on 19th Ave, Gary

82. Another Gary church, with an alarm!

83. Cementon cement mills

84. Kenwood Commons, Albany

85. Sunset Lanes, Albany

86. Letchworth Village

87. Parksville Paramount Hotel

88. All Souls camp, Parksville

89. Monticello Manor

90. Biotech Otisville

91. Kingston mines

(Appalachian Trail crossing route 17)

92. Mercer Hospital, Trenton

93. Mercer laundry, Trenton

94. Mercer hospital power plant

95. The Residence nursing home

96. Imani Church, Trenton

97. Roebling mill, Trenton

(Kenwood again)

98. Fort Orange paper mill

99. Abandoned school, Schenectady

100. Greenhouses near Cambridge NY

101. Abandoned inn, Berlin NY

102. Green Mountain race track, Pownal

103. MacDermott paper mill, Adams MA

104. Willard State Hospital

105. Willard superintendent’s mansion

106. Willard morgue

107. Willard drug treatment center recreation building

108. Maples Hall, Willard

109. Seneca State School

(surprise bear in Harriman state park)

(Trenton jet testing facility again)

(Imani church again)

(Mercer hospital again)

(Roebling again)

110. Southwark Generating Station, Philadelphia

(Baltimore drains again)

111. Old Town Mall, Baltimore

112. Valley of the stairs, Penfield

113. Fisher Body 21, Detroit

114. St. Albertus, Detroit

115. Cooley High School, Detroit

116. Highland Park hospital

(Packard plant again)

117. St Anthony church, Syracuse

118. St Francis school, Syracuse

119. Winkelman factory, Syracuse

120. South Ave church, Niagara Falls (DO NOT GO! Police showed up guns drawn)

121. Millard Fillmore hospital, Buffalo

122. Dunes Motel and diner, Niagara Falls

123. Globe Metallurgical, Niagara Falls

124. Hoosac Tunnel, MA

125. Drain near the Hoosac tunnel

126. Ashuelot paper mill, NH

127. That Vermont radar base

(Pownal race track again)

(more Millard Fillmore)

(Otis again)

(Curtiss-Wright again)

128. Lang School

129. Concrete Central

(Niagara police church again)

130. Manchester roundhouse

131. Newark State School

(St. Francis/St. Anthony complex again)

(the morning I woke up to a surprise house guest!)

(Manchester again)

(and even more St Francis)

(Winkelman again)

132. Norton’s Cave, Rochester

133. Binnewater Furnaces, Rosendale

134. Widow Jane mine, Rosendale

135. Cement factory house, Rosendale

136. The Nevele

(Parksville Paramount again)

137, La Minette, Liberty NY

(Monticello Manor again)

(more Nevele)

(more Sunset Lanes)

(more Kenwood)

(more Fort Orange)

138. Mohasco powerplant, Amsterdam

(more Mary McClellan)

139. Collapsing factory in Broadalbin

(Mohasco again)

140. Letchworth Village synagogue

(Letchworth Village main campus)

141. Fieldston School

(more Fillmore)

142. Syracuse Developmental Center

143. Rochester subway

144. Lackawanna heritage train

(Globe again)

145. Lowery School, North Tonawanda

146. A different, much more difficult Akron mine

147. Polar bear in North Haven, CT

148. Ansonia Copper and Brass

149. Naugatuck hydro station

150. Cochrane Hall, Fairfield Hills

151. Plymouth Hall, Fairfield

152. Kent Hall, Fairfield Hills

153. Clout synagogue in the Bronx

(Cobbs Hill again)

154. Cave entrance in Hasbrouck Park

(Kingston mines)

155. Abandoned hospital ship on the Hudson

156. Kingston IBM campus

157. Ruins in Sojourner Truth State Park

158. Rochester Airport Ramada (DO NOT GO! Watch the news to find out why)

(Rochester incinerator)

(Cobbs Hill)

(Rochester subway)

159. Cargill “S” elevator

(St. Ann’s convent)



(Lackawanna train)

(Akron mines)

(St Mary’s)

(Embroidery factory, with new threatening graffiti)



(Lowery High School)

(Concrete Central)

160. Amherst Meth Drain

161. Highland Park High School

162. St Agnes church, Detroit

163. St Agnes school, Detroit

203. Southwestern Hospital, Detroit

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