The Confuse-A-Cat

Who ever knew one drain could give me so much trouble? With the search for the drainwhale going full speed over the summer as the combatants counted down the days to a new semester and return to Rochester, it was only a matter of time until someone lost, and lost big. Concrete creek or open-top drain? Worth a follow The entrance, for all you UER ethics fascists Attack of the mutant cave spiders 14 bars, even down here. Can you hear me now? Ancient brick orifices Fishing for CHUDs

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Further Down the River

These Soviet-era apartments are on their way out; no big loss for the city, they all look exactly the same anyway and go on for at least 1/2 mile All that remains of some sort of Erie Canal infrastructure The historic Genesee Brew House The bridge that carries bike route 1 and the main drains across the river into Irondequoit Your writer, in a cage The destination: a cave entrance, deep into the river bank One soaking wet climb up to the drain section of it! The exit... beautiful daylight!

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Diabolus in Musica

In that soggy mess that wished desperately to be the first day of spring, a grey stone church loomed enormous in the mist over endless rows of graves. It was just like ZoĆ« dreamed of, shrouded in bespoke fog. She had spring break, I had four classes I was more than ready to skip. Only one thing could spoil the setting for a perfect explore: a locked door. More about that later... first we had a wide open church to see! A congregation of pigeons formed the only flock remaining in the moldering pews, their flapping wings the only approximation…

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Drainwhale Hunting

Everyone has that time they think they know it all. These last few days have been mine, looking for the whale of all drains, the deep, giant tunnels of mythic proportions. UER can be a very intimidating place for those it takes in as its own... and I wasn't doing so well at it yet. I thought I might be able to get a few friends together, find ALL the drains, without even a car, and be that underdog story they hoped for. We found drains... tiny, useless drains, long unclimbable drains, drains that brought out the inner DiCaprio --…

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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day holds a special significance to Rochester explorers. It's always been a day to go down to the subway, check out the latest graffiti, and gorge yourself on Dinosaur BBQ afterwards, taking the place over with 50 rowdy people covered in tunnel dust. This year's event was no exception... a few of my favorite graffitis of the year: When the revolution comes, will your bicycle be ready? This one goes out to all the engineers! Don't click here to avoid some terrible photos of the Rochester subway!

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Enter The Whale

I never did know quite what to think of meeting people from the Internet, least of all to go exploring in some unknown, supposedly dangerous location. Some combination of sanity and remnants of my parents' sheltering brainwash kept me reading the forums on UER for years before I dared post, let alone go to a meetup with the friendly local serial-trespassers. I'm not sure why I picked this day of any. Nothing about it screamed "exploring": it was about -5 degrees, and I was dragging around yet another pounding Chi Phi hangover. As soon as I met these people, one…

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