Apocalypse: Here

Union Station, though, was only a quick stop while we were there. Our real destination in Gary, like most explorers who find themselves here, was City Methodist Church. Located on 6th St, just a block from the (former) downtown, this enormous church was open from 1925 to 1975, before suffering from declining enrollment and a fire that put an end to any plans for restoration and re-use.

Unlike most iconic abandoned sites, entry is trivially easy, and after walking through the open door, you’re immediately in the lobby, between the sanctuary and auditorium.

We began with the sanctuary, far larger than any church I’d ever explored before in Buffalo.

Attached to the church though, and in my opinion even more interesting, is the Catholic school, which lasted slightly longer than the church but has also been closed since at least 1980.

And then (still upstairs in the school) I started posting these on facebook telling people it was Indiana State Hospital (as far as I know, there isn’t one).

You’re not wrong…

Another look at “Indiana State Hospital”

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