Holy Holy Holy

After the terminal, we continued on to a nearby, reliably open church. Sacred Heart served the Catholic community for most of the century, before ending its useful life as an evangelical church, a pattern that seems to happen often in decaying cities.

Despite being almost completely emptied out, or perhaps because of it, the cavernous sanctuary hasn’t lost its mystique

…Even though someone took out all the pews, and left all the seat cushions

We tried to go on into the convent, but on a hot summer day, the reeking jugs of bum piss and holy, holy, holy shit (seriously — look at my photos from last time) were just too much, even with gas masks… not that there was ever much to see in that part of the church, even without the risk of stepping on and letting another of those burst!

Our adventure ended at the Scajaquada drain, which, unsurprisingly with all the rain in the last few days, was much more watery than we wanted anything to do with today. Not that it really mattered, that just means more places to go once we get the Concrete Collective back together!

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