Last of the Summer Grime

One more trip from the brief summer season of the Concrete Collective before all the students are back in town. We’d hoped for more, but real life got in the way, and I missed most of my own meetings thanks to Laura taking control over everything, and we lost our longer trips to Nate backing out at the worst possible moments. And that’s how we end up spending a Monday afternoon out exploring, the last day before the start of classes and the fall routine.

We didn’t have to go far to find our first location… Mt Hope chapel, which we just rode by on a whim, happens to be wide open!

There had been quite a bit of cleanup work going on here all summer; the city has been talking about eventual reuse as a mausoleum, like they did with the once-abandoned chapel at Holy Sepulchre. This was in the basement (empty, of course). Any idea what they would use an enormous wrought iron casket for?

Architectural details are left in piles around the chapel. It looks like crews have been doing some kind of salvage or simplification to prepare for the distant future

And that’s about all I got to see of the chapel, we were already late for the meet at the subway…
So… I *really* need a new lens!

I think this had a chance to be a great picture… even though it didn’t turn out that way


This is probably the most suggestive way I’ve ever seen to use a fire extinguisher…
Put out. Put it all out.

I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to yesterday, so I tried again today at the chapel before class. There was supposed to be Nate and a few others meeting up with me but I spent over an hour wandering and waiting and didn’t see any sign of them. Again. At least I could get the shot I wanted of the organ…

In the morning light, there’s even sunlight down here on the casket lift.

I had a bad feeling about all this… it seemed only inevitable that I wouldn’t be exploring for quite some time after it! Here’s to hoping I’m wrong, but things aren’t looking good around here anymore.

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