Washed Away

Exploring the last remaining abandoned part of American Laundry Machinery in a driving rain… I was supposed to go to a few places through the day but my friend wasn’t ready to go until just before dark. Oh well, got to watch the Bills blow it again before exploring!

Located across the railroad tracks from most of the complex, and behind a massive “fence” of loosely arranged steel sheets and concrete blocks, the entrance was much more imposing than what was inside, for the most part: some of the dullest, grayest abandonment I’ve ever seen.

And perhaps the least artistic FUA tag in the city. You know a place is boring when even the graffiti crew half asses it.

Got to love leaking barrels of “something” though.

At least there’s a nice beer drinking spot up here, I might come back just for that sometime…

This reminds me just enough of somewhere I’ve been before…

And, just as we were about to leave, things got very interesting. Our somewhat holy grail was OPEN, and we were about to give it a try!

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