Spoiled Oil

Now that I’ve stopped spending every minute of free time I can find at Occupy, it’s time to get out exploring and following some of the new ideas for our new group, the biggest change of which is to try to explore every Monday instead of taking up people’s weekends. On the one hand this keeps us close to home, but it also opens the group up to many more people. We had a group of about ten for this place, an oil refinery that spent a few years repurposed as offices before closing in about 2000. Its demolition has been pending ever since, held up by toxic ground under the factory.

Unfortunately, my mind is still Occupied or something. While the pictures don’t suck as badly as the caves last week, here goes… a bunch of shit. Yuck.

The one identifiable tenant was an interior design firm of some sort.

Most of the rest of the building seemed to have been a car repair or similar facility, judging by the open spaces and number of loading docks.

The graffiti really was the only thing of any interest here, not an outstanding location by any means.

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