The fourth and last UER meet of the spring 2009 season is over… I survived. Somehow. The first two locations were little more than ponder and run from cops, two warehouse looking things in the bad part of the 19th ward. Apparently they just found bodies there last week or something, for once maybe it was a good thing a helpful officer suggested we leave. Busted with nowhere to go, Trent suggested an old World War II surplus in a rotten barn in Gates, which turned into quite the battlefield in its own right.

Airspeed calculator?

The Jiffy Dog was the first commercial use of the microwave, selling hot dogs from a vending machine in 1946. Incidentally, empty Jiffy Dog boxes sell for something like $25 each on eBay to this day, thanks to being a very much forgotten side plot of modern technology.

This can give you an idea what the inside was like: crammed floor to ceiling with assorted 60-year-old junk!

While I was rummaging through some of this (my best find: little white vials that go BANG when you throw them), I punched a nice me-shaped hole in the floor! Always the helpful one, Jordan came to my rescue yelling “12! 11! 10!” with a stick of something wrapped in old red paper “9! 8! 7!” and tied together with a string “6! 5!” in his hands, tossing it “4! 3!” in my general direction, hoping I might climb out of the hole before it “2! 1! 0!” explodes! Ordinarily I’d never fall for such a prank, but when I’m already stuck in the floor in a military surplus warehouse… This right here was the damage, after I got pulled out (notice the stick of “dynamite” just above the hole)

Needless to say, I was glad to get out of this place…

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