Scrap Pile Hospital

This was one of the few places in the Albany area I’d researched, and the only one any local explorers would help me out finding. As you might expect, it sucked. Genesee hospital was torn to shit, but this one, Seton Hospital, took it to an entirely new level. Anything of any value was missing, anything that could be smashed was, and most surfaces that would hold paint, were covered in graffiti. Making matters worse, it was a cold, rainy, February morning, an unphotogenic day for a downright ugly hospital, and I was dragging around a pounding hangover from round after round of Belgian Landmines the night before!

(insert obligatory lonely chair)

This is about all this place was…

The operating room. There should be a surgery table here. There isn’t.

Posted on order of the Ministry of Silly Signs

At least there was a morgue. First one I’ve ever seen, for that matter.

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