Urbex Challenge #103

Even as well as 2015 started, this one just seemed too good to be true. I’d heard a few weeks ago that the Walters Building was wide open, and at my level no less, for the first time in at least 10 years. I even got directions to it so I’d know exactly which door to use – either the best chance I’ll ever have again at an asylum, or an elaborate trap to send me into the teeth of security. All I needed was someone willing to try it with me, and I even managed to make that happen, reconnecting with a cool freak I’d met on my roof a few summers ago and never found again until now.

Getting in was even less trouble than I’d expected. Not only was the door in (almost) exactly the expected spot, but no one was patrolling, or even happened to be outside, on the first day above melting in weeks. It took us a bit of wandering to get out of the basement, but as soon as we found the stairs, it was all I’d expected and more!

Except for every single one of my photos leaning slightly to the right…

There was even an actual inmate left behind! I figured it was the least I could do to help him escape.

I guess we’re still at 102 level, even though I passed the course in sophomore year.

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