They All Fall Down

Another return trip, this time to the Adirondacks, once again, with UR UrbEx. As one might expect, the place looks almost exactly the same as it always did. I won’t bore you with more overview photos of Frontier Town, since it’s just what it was last year… I tried to focus more on details this year, as the place falls down there’s less and less left to see though.

Abandoned pianos are so much fun. Especially when there’s no risk of getting caught and you can actually “play” them (which usually amounts to absolute noise, but still…)

What’s left of Main Street – Nature has basically won!

The church is probably the most authentic and most solid structure in all of Frontier Town

This is the house where Teddy Roosevelt found out he had become President after McKinley’s assassination in 1901. It has seen far better days.

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