Office Space

The last stop on my Albany adventure for this year, this warehouse in Menands seems to have been a casualty of the recession. While it was originally a national leader in magazine printing (Williams Press, contractor for the northeast printings of Condé Nast magazines), a decline in the print business forced Williams to close in 1999. The next tenant, judging by what still remains, must have been a moving/storage facility for Manhattan offices, containing neatly stacked regiments of furniture from the likes of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, undoubtedly hidden away, perhaps on pawn, until the recession thawed, but left out to the weather when those once proud and massive firms failed (and possibly the warehousing firm along with them).

Row after row of shrink wrapped furniture

And a failboat, up on blocks in its own floor of the warehouse

This giant mural (of Gutenberg?) is in a pitch black room that was once the corporate boardroom and is now piled high with trash

But wait! There’s more!

Let’s play danger carts!

Abandoned sunsets are the best

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