Revolution 2

And, just as I thought about making a pilgrimage down to New York to be a part of Occupy Wall Street, we got a branch right here in Rochester as part of Occupy Everywhere. This wasn’t my absolute first protest (that was booing and heckling Sarah Palin during campaign 2008), but I’d say it’s the first movement I’ve really identified with. This being a photo blog though, I won’t get too much into the politics of it. Follow me on facebook if you’re really looking for that.

Sold Out

Wage Slave


We are the 98% [sic] — this was my first sign. Somehow I missed the memo about what this movement was called, I guess.
98 percent

After a few days, the messages and signs became a bit more organized, and we started having speeches with a megaphone, and electing leaders for working groups. As we continue to grow, new opportunities for change open up. Can we be big and loud, sure — can we actually make a difference? We think so!

RPD in action, enforcing the boundaries of our “free speech zone”
Free Speech

Just a brilliant sign…

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