Flying Fish Hospital

Genesee Hospital closed in 2000, and most of it was either demolished into a vacant lot, or renovated into offices, medical and otherwise. One building in between escaped either fate, and is sitting there wide open. It seems there was some effort to scrap and demolish it already, as almost all signs of being a hospital are gone, but for the time being it’s still that rarity of an accessible new building right in Rochester. At some point I need to go back here during the day but it just gets dark too damn early here…

This “tunnel” is on the roof of the hospital, connecting the stairwell with the elevator and heating structures on the other side of the roof

This room is probably the first place I ever saw when I was born.

The upper floors are scrapped out and boring. The only redeeming thing about them is the rooftop view!

3rd floor, things are getting a little bit better

Getting my brain probed. There’s a lot of weird in there…

Rorschach Mold — what do YOU see?

And normal mold. Toxic black flavor, I believe.

At 2:38 on some day back in 2000, the last nurse or orderly or janitor left the hospital, and turned out the lights once and for all

This looks way too much like a deconstructed clown face. So creepy…

(it’s actually an ad for McDonalds yogurt parfaits… look closer!)

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