Drainwhale Hunting

Everyone has that time they think they know it all. These last few days have been mine, looking for the whale of all drains, the deep, giant tunnels of mythic proportions. UER can be a very intimidating place for those it takes in as its own… and I wasn’t doing so well at it yet. I thought I might be able to get a few friends together, find ALL the drains, without even a car, and be that underdog story they hoped for. We found drains… tiny, useless drains, long unclimbable drains, drains that brought out the inner DiCaprio — everything but what we needed.

One of my rare drain photos that don’t suck. It’s a long way up…
It's a long way up

The local wildlife

My heart will go … bleccchh!

Unfortunately, we found the wrong end of what has to be one of the largest water slides ever built. All attempts to climb it were promptly refudiated by the brick, water and algae.
Slip slidin' away

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