The Decline and Fall of Iola

A second visit to this place proved more than enough to know why its days are numbered. Iola began its life in 1915 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, occasionally also holding mentally ill children. After TB was cured in the early 60s, Monroe County took the buildings over as offices, using them for veterans’ affairs, traffic and corrections among others. Costello & Sons, a Brighton real estate firm known for constructing identical brick doctors’ offices, bought the property in 2000 on a 10 year development contract, and is running out of time to tear it down and start work on its scandal-ridden Citygate project. Until then, the complex sits moldering away along 15a just past the Erie Canal.

All the hallways look like this, dark, dank and reeking.

Basement, please?

The Map. This used to have hundreds of computerized lights behind it, as evidenced by the mainframe computer in the back room. Each one controlled the traffic lights at one of the intersections in the county.

Treasure map? Playbook? X marks either the spot or the wide receiver, I’m not sure

Just another day in the mildew office

More photos of graffiti and stuff…

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