Introducing IOLA

Third meet of the UER season, and a chance to meet some new explorers. NeonTempest wanted to introduce us to this place, the Iola Sanatorium, to show us what “real exploring” was like. Which, to him, meant something like park a mile away with 12 people, and march right onto the grounds in the plainest sight possible. Just to take us straight downstairs into this.


The whole point of going was these tunnels, blocked off with fresh new cinder blocks.


So we get to try another entrance, going through this just to find more cinder blocks.

By the time he’s done with his wild goose chase, it’s almost time for him to go, so we just run around topside aimlessly for a few minutes. Even though we don’t have our permits.

I’d love to know what these giant maps were about. This thing is about 8×10 feet.

All in all, a kind of stupid meet. I think I could have done better, if I could get anyone to follow…

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