Motorcycle Nightmare

Everything about this explore was meant for disaster. Newark asylum just wasn’t happening, with the lake effect machine still running full blast and the UER crew threatening to send some cops our way. It was Tom’s idea to try Lockport, just because he’d heard some bad things about the town’s economy, and thought we might find something. Which took all of five minutes after getting in town, and not being able to find the old water tower we were looking for, there was this thing instead. What a lovely day for some urbex…

The side buildings are wide open, and seem to have been some sort of warehouse for a junk shop, or perhaps an 80s toy store

Not the Polybius machine, but it might as well have been, being out here.

Only these melted helmets could have given us any clue what was behind the massive, unlocked (!) factory gates

I heard it first from Eric, who had parkoured his way around the door, “Bikes! HOLYMOTHERFUCKINGSHIT theres BIKES in here!” as he hauled open the portcullis door, and:


Yeah, there were a few motorcycles in there. Anyone know how this happened? Our best guess is some sort of chop shop that got shut down, or gave up, when half their building collapsed… but there still has to be a million bucks worth of bikes and parts in here, we didn’t count but there has to be a thousand.

More photos here!

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