Chaote’s Lair

The former General/Veteran Foods factory is probably the place with the most dramatic, fastest decay I’ve ever seen. Through a combination of fire, water, vandals, mold and looting, it has gone from ‘active’ (occupied as a residence and studio by an eccentric art professor) as recently as 2009, to squatted in 2010, to abandoned in 2011, to thoroughly trashed in 2012. This is particularly shameful considering how much was left behind here, by the artist and the unknown past occupants; there was an entire library with a few thousand books, a collection of magazines and photo albums, furniture, toys, computer relics from the 80s, all lost to mold.

Everything here is rotten. Everything.

This paper-mush-covered room was once the library… tragic to see so many books go to waste. These weren’t even the ordinary paperbacks, the collection in its prime was mostly politics, philosophy and hard literature, and would have been easily worth saving if its fate could have been known.

The second floor had two lofts, or perhaps a residential loft and an artist’s studio.

Apparently I have a copycat. I didn’t do this one, but i certainly approve.

Total destruction here… this place is rotten beyond saving

The third floor, once warehouse space, became a last-ditch effort to stop the water, with tarps and buckets set out to try to stop the leaks. Needless to say, from what you’ve already seen, it failed miserably, sealing the fate of the Flint Street building.

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