Motorcycle Nightmare

Everything about this explore was meant for disaster. Newark asylum just wasn't happening, with the lake effect machine still running full blast and the UER crew threatening to send some cops our way. It was Tom's idea to try Lockport, just because he'd heard some bad things about the town's economy, and thought we might find something. Which took all of five minutes after getting in town, and not being able to find the old water tower we were looking for, there was this thing instead. What a lovely day for some urbex... The side buildings are wide open, and…

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Almost Goodbye

They've been talking for a while about filling in the old Subway; last time I was here the Jenga blocks were already in, today there's a few more signs we might not have this spot much longer. Once again, the city has offered millions of dollars to rebuild Broad street and fill the tunnel, but this time it's not just the money talking: construction cones, heavy haulers, and light trucks left in the tunnel, and some fresh chain link fence blocking off the Dinosaur end. Brown street end Knocking down the tunnel walls -- I'm not sure how much I'd…

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Belly Of The Whale

Some explores are just meant to be. I was already home and writing about the day's adventures when Ian texts me to make sure we were meeting at 10:30. Any normal person would have said yeah, and you missed it by 10 hours already. I figured, why the hell not, let's go for round 3, and called everyone i knew that missed the morning chance. Which was mostly people who had never even been to a drain before, but I've never been one to judge. I'd had a sneaking suspicion since last summer, and known almost certainly since that clusterfuck…

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I don't know much about this place, we just happened to find it while looking for anything at all to explore. It seems like it might have been a brewery, it looked an awful lot like the Buffalo malt. And I still had so much trouble with the concept of auto focus.

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The Manchester Roundhouse was one of the largest warehouses of its time, built somewhere around 1900. Warehouses of that era tended to be arch-shaped, so that trains could come in, unload, and exit facing back out onto the track. This one stayed in business much longer than most roundhouses, but has been closed at least 30 years. This was my first time exploring with the new camera. Unfortunately I didn't discover auto focus for a few more days... so about 90% of what you don't see here was blurry trash that deserved to be deleted. One rusty truck Then this…

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