Just some non-exploring shots from the Adirondack campout.

How not to light paint

Cascade Peak

Brian, the tetherboat and a bit of fire!

You may be wondering by now about the title. Strange things happen when you get enough explorers in a small enough space, and keep them awake all night. At some point we began communicating only in Beatles lyrics, and then only in oblique rewordings of them. I forget if this was before or after taking out a boat on a 100 foot rope, propelled only by a frying pan and a jet of expletives.

I’d suggest all of you look into The Coleopterae’s latest finely grooved thermoplastic oblate toroid, “The Interval Of Darkness Following, or Belonging To, A Tenacious Fraction of the Week”!

Hit singles off it include:
— Every Single Individual has a personal secret that they are trying to keep hidden from others, with the notable exception of my quadrupedal primate and I.

— Contentment is an isolated combustion driven projectile weapon with an appreciable concentration of thermal energy.

— Let it be known, infant, that your abundance of personal savings makes you a member of the class of gentlemanly aristocracy.

— Sylvester Stallone : Procyon lotor?

— Which exists gainfully to a personified glider;

— Her approach looked down upon the loo

Look for it in record stores (or at least UrbEx meetings) this Sunday, October 25!


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