Mines of Moria

The best and weirdest ideas begin with beer, specifically the consumption of it in the outdoors. (like this:)

Not that any of you didn’t know that I’m not normal, but with some liquid inspiration and the right friends, even something as strange as a weekend bike trip to Niagara Falls makes perfect sense, and less than 24 hours later we were off riding into the night, basically in search of the unknown, to go sleep in a cave.

After 55 miles or so, we found the cave entrance, and in the morning it was time to explore.

From all we knew, the Akron cave would be a rather dull straight line route like Norton’s cave; we could not have been more wrong, as soon as we lost sight of the entrance we were in a maze of twisty passages all alike.

It goes on and on… we didn’t dare venture too far in though still having to ride to Niagara falls and part of the way back

Somebody many years ago seems to have left an offering.

These are rotten wooden columns, apparently holding up the entire mine system…

Our ride home brought us back along the lake, camping in some park we weren’t supposed to be in along route 18

And, yesterday, my hipster bike died suddenly and tragically, at mile marker 29 of the Lake Ontario parkway. After four flat tires in less than an hour, the cause became apparent: the frame had come unwelded, and I had to finish the trip quite ingloriously, packed in the back of a friend’s Prius, wedged under my bike’s corpse. But at least it was an adventure, even if it would prove to be an expensive one!

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