Into The Monolith

So this is it. The big one. The white whale. The greatest and last frontier for Rochester exploring. Like everyone else, I’ve had a few goes at it. Nothing any good, there’s almost never a way in. So you can imagine my surprise when Ian calls and says it’s open RIGHT NOW. Even then I didn’t believe it; there had been enough of these kind of false starts before that the only thing they found is the same high up window again. But this time was nothing of the sort: the FRONT DOOR (!) had a wide open board. And suddenly we were in. First stop, naturally, was the roof.


Not quite Adler level but close

Asylum corridors and peeling paint. Everyone has this shot.

Someone wasn’t taking their meds

Like the lab table. Don’t like the picture of it.

So what exactly was the leisure here? Sit around bored in a different room than your bed?

Ian will probably post this on his wall for inspiration…

So many p33lz0rz. I count 6 colors of paint in one door frame.

See it all!

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