Rites of Spring

Playing with fire again, this time in the old Flint St warehouse… reason #18 I shouldn’t go to Burning Man: I can’t spin fire without burning a hole in my shirt and having to get put out with a $8 bottle of Drunken Bastard!

Some people were much better at it than me though

We need to make a sport that uses these. Fire hockey? Dodgefireball? Cricket 2.0?

All that fire did light the place up nicely at least…

Go home, you’re drunk!

Random 3am calls from these freaks to go exploring is one thing I’ll miss horribly about graduation.

It’s such a shame the library is too moldy to read anymore. A few years ago there were thousands of books, mostly literature and history, piled up in one room of this place.

(many) more pictures of this place here

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