Everybody’s Doing The Fish

(Part 3 of my Detroit/Cleveland adventure)

Following the suggestion of the hobo in the old hotel, we found our way after a few (well, more than a few) wrong turns to the Fisher Body plant. It’s no Packard, but still a good taste of the Motor City’s abandoned legacy. Fisher was/is the supplier of steel auto bodies to GM, and to a lesser extent some of the European models, and still has a major facility next to GM in Dearborn, even though this one in Highland Park closed in the late 90s. Architecturally, it is a nearly perfect Detroit boxy warehouse with colored windows. Just what we wanted to see, this one time only!

This was one of the few clues what went on in here. These signs almost seemed intended for factory tours?

All of the bathrooms had these instead of toilets

Taco Tuesday Forever!

The ceiling even grows its own stalactites

This factory railroad must have carried ore carts or something like them into the foundry?

One of the few good tags I’ve seen in this state

You’re a mean one, mr. Grinch!

Mike being Mike and climbing around on a 3 inch pipe just because it’s there!

And we’ll leave you for now with a street view of some typical Detroit industry

(continued in part 4)

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