Elevator Action

So I managed to get out exploring one more time before summer. Nate thought he could get us into some grain elevators in Buffalo that actually had stairs to the top so I could climb too. I guess he was sort of right; apparently the permission we got was only to walk around the outside, not to go in, so the trip ended early with us getting chased out by the owners. At least it was something… maybe enough to last me until September.

I only ever knew of Pinkertons as something from history class, the union busting scabs. I wonder what they did here?

It’s a long way down!

Nate in action … just before the “oh shit! security!” moment

The ground floor, or what they let us see of it

In which ghost-Nate is beamed up by the sun gods

This isn’t the same place. This was some random factory we looked into on the way home and set off alarms at.

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