Lost In Capital City

Another awful Saturday with(out) awful people. I’d been planning a trip to see Hudson River psychiatric center in Poughkeepsie for the last few months, and thought I found a group of people to go with. Then starting Friday night, one after another backed out, the last two while I was already on the train east, and I tried spamming any possible explorers I knew, begging and bribing anyone to go with me. Of course no one did, and at least 6 new people blocked me on facebook. By the time I got to Albany I realized it was beyond hopeless to go any farther, and I might as well just stay stranded in Albany all day until my friend there was back in town.

Shame on you, Pedro Arana, Rich Whiddon, Rich Zoeller, Rodney from Desolatestates, “Urban Xploration”, Sean McGrady and Steven Bley. Fuck all of you. I know it was all part of the plan to leave me stranded. And I know it’s almost all explorers, not just you fucktards.

Anyway, since these miserable people wouldn’t meet up with me (again, for some of them), I wasted a day wandering around Albany looking for places it might be possible to get in Sunday, and trying to find at least something worthwhile to see. And spending most of the time sitting around waiting because exploring by myself is so awful. If this is what you wanted, this is what you cuntfaces get. Especially “Urban Xploration” for making plans and not even having the balls to say he wouldn’t show, just confirming plans Friday night, then everything completely fucking ignoring me as soon as I was actually on my way Saturday.

This is about what kind of a day it was.

787 near the train station:

I wish I could climb. Or fly.

From the front of the same building:

Looks like I was a little bit late here…

Same block, from the other side

Warehouse with some fresh new fencing

Pretty sure this is a HOW/nosm piece. There’s one just like it in the Rochester subway

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