Cabinet Position

I usually try to stay away from going back to the same place over and over again, but when a new one appears and it’s this easy to get to, it inevitably happens… in the past two weeks I’ve been in this damn hospital four times. Ordinarily every time I explore gets its own page, but that would just get too repetitious, so here goes…

TRIP 1 – January 31
I didn’t think I’d even bother to go that night, one of my friends was taking his pledge class into the creepy old hospital. Now, these places don’t get haunted by themselves, so they needed some ghosts and noises and scares to make it the experience he’d hoped for. I showed up a bit late to do much, but I managed to catch up with them on the top floor, and get far enough ahead they wouldn’t see me, into a room with a cabinet big enough to hide in. The plan was simple enough: while the pledges look around the room for clues on their little scavenger hunt, jump out of the cabinet and tackle one. There were only two problems: the pledges never came into the room, and when I was about to give up, the cabinet locked, with me inside. And of course my friend thought I was just trying to scare people when I started texting them that I was in the cabinet in 621 and couldn’t get out. FINALLY one of them thought maybe I was trying to lead them toward a clue, got to the room, and heard me pounding on the cupboard door. I didn’t even bother to tackle him.

TRIP 2 – February 2
On Groundhog day, for the first time, I got to see this building in daylight, a completely new experience after so many times at night. The entrance is exposed enough that going at night just seemed to make sense, but it rarely works out well for pictures so I figured I’d take the chance and bring a group there on a Saturday afternoon. Sure enough no one cared.

I think this crusty old machine is the floor control of an elevator

The scrappers took everything that was worth taking, and left the rest for an obstacle course

Electrical tape graffiti! Whatever we were supposed to sign in to is long gone though.

TRIP 3 – February 3
Why do I always go the same places over and over and over again? Oh well, they want to see it, I’ll show them around. Unfortunately it ended up being for nothing, at least as far as bringing the rest of the UR group, on account of a few “no trespassing” signs out front. Like those stopped the people who laid waste to the entire building for anything of a few cents value…

Nurse, I’m having CHEST PAINS! Where’s the morphine? WHERE’S. THE. FUCKING. MORPHINE.

How did the dragonfly get into the glass block? Why did it have to wait so long to be set free?

While Genesee Hospital promoted itself as a family hospital for pediatric and maternity care, one wing of it was dedicated to short and medium term mental patients. Every once in a while there’s a vestigial tail of asylum to be found here…

UPDATE: Trip 4 – February 15
Looks like I really can’t stop coming here. Whatever. This time we even brought masks so we could wander around the incredibly rotten mental ward without succumbing to the rising stench. I can only imagine what that building must smell like in full bloom in the summer!

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