Bluebird Of Friendliness

Once we finally found the stairs (which are not obvious in any way), we arrived in the iconic pool. The only resort with a full-size Olympic pool indoors, Grossinger’s used it not only for recreation, but also for championship competition, hosting Olympic qualifying in swimming in 1956, as well as championship boxing, and early development of Alpine skiing, having been held in the resort’s glory days. The pool area itself is a relic of its time, built in space-age modern style.

Unfortunately every year nature and vandals eat up more of it… although it was always unlikely at best anyone would want the place, it’s still sad to see it go in this way.

And then, just as I was about to leave the pool, she showed up:

I never would have thought I’d wish I had bird seed with me… this little bird let me walk right up and take pictures!

Overall, the 1993 wing was in the worst shape of anything on the property.

If any of you go back, it’s the one corridor of the hotel where the floors are seriously scary. You won’t want to go any farther than this.

Toward the top of the hill, approaching the clubhouse is the resort’s power plant, which has been cleared of almost all its machinery.

I think this ballroom has seen its last dance!

This enormous space was either the boxing arena or the conference room, as far as I could tell

Are you itchy yet?

This chalet looks out directly over the golf course, and adjoins the maintenance building. I got a very distinct feeling I shouldn’t be here.

Or especially here!

Just as I ducked out of here, two golf carts of course workers came in. We didn’t stick around long enough to know if they saw us…

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