When Life Gives You Columns

…you make colonnade? Or not? At least I had an unexpected opportunity to explore with Ian one more time. Although, more realistically, it turned into a chance to stand on the sidelines while he explored. His goal was one that I shared interest in for sure, but probably not the right physique, or state of mind — climbing the Buffalo grain elevators. While they originally had stairs, due to a rash of suicides in the early 70s right after they were abandoned, none of these stairwells are complete, with the stairs up to 30 feet or so cut out, leaving only the brackets that once held iron steps. So, while Ian climbed and took roof shots, I spent a morning walking around looking at columns. So many columns.





Column me maybe?

The next place we went, a warehouse or factory thing, Ian didn’t even want to get out of the car. Which I guess goes to show how different our tastes are. I’m not sure what this place even was, but it’s pretty far gone now, and getting started with demolition.

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