Sins and Trasspeses

Buffalo’s Sacred Heart Cathedral, like so many other Catholic churches, fell into ruin at the loss of its flock. Once Buffalo’s diocesan church, well before 1900, it became an early casualty in 1952 due to suburban sprawl and white flight, leaving behind a church building that soon after reopened as a prominent black church and religious school before fading away in the early 2000s, again facing the loss of its congregation.



Typewriter Jesus

Fallen arches

The church basement held a variety of religious leftovers from both the Catholic and AME eras of the church. Molding away in a few boxes were 1930s and 40s anti-Communist propaganda, early televangelical memorabilia (listen to my radio show, send me money, and your sins will disappear!) and a few dozen of these posters (?). Any idea what the meaning of these may be? If it’s any clue, I think the symbol, in at least some of them, is a Chiron (Greek representation of Jesus).

Lonely chair

And finally, we found these on our way out (hence the title). The best part is, there were five, ALL with different spealling’s. One can only wonder if they were too embarrassed to leave the signs up!


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