Linear Cave

Finally getting back underground again after a shortened summer with the parents… not so much that they’re opposed to me exploring (they’re not), as that it’s just difficult to plan and do anything when I’m there. But I’m back at school for the fall now, and of course I’d make going on adventures a priority. Just about everything possible went wrong on this one – it was supposed to be one of many places I went with Nate, but I started out with bike trouble and missing the first few places, and finished up with camera trouble, as in the damn thing being bricked and not even turning on. Oh well at least I got a few pictures of Norton’s cave out of it.

This rather unassuming waterfall is the cave entrance, easily visible from a hiking trail in Seneca Park

The inside of the cave looks like this, basically the entire way. It’s all a straight line, mined right back into the rock to reach a natural spring. At some point in the early 19th century, the cave/mine provided building materials and drinking water to the village of Carthage, one of the predecessors of Irondequoit.

Looking back even a quarter mile into the cave, you can see the sunlight at the entrance staring back at you. It’s reassuring I guess but it really takes away from the cave-ness of the place.

Shitty HDR. Because I can.

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