Government Mold

I must say after the raves this winter, I still didn’t know what this place looked like during the day. Having Nate and his friends around too made it different, none of them really knew the place so for them Iola really was all about discovery and exploration still. For me today was more about trying out the new 50mm lens, and learning just how far back-back-BACK i have to go to see a damn thing with it. No wonder Nate told me it’s the most inspiring mistake I’d ever make as an explorer.

This was my first time even bothering to go into any of the pavilions.

The tunnels, or an incredibly strong case for respirator use

Chidlen? Really?
Spel Beter?

Someone painted a Rwandan flag in the tunnels. I think.

Then I almost believe this place has a few redeeming qualities beyond abject ugliness

Can anyone guess what this is? It still lit up, in one of the basement rooms with residual electric service

This is literally about the one compelling corridor shot I have ever taken, and probably ever will

The rave tunnel lives!

More where these came from!

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