Air Force 763

A relic from the age of missiles, AFRS (Air Force Radio Station) Cambria was the command center for the Niagara region’s rocket program. While not a launch site itself, Cambria was still the largest of the bases, with barracks for the entire 763rd who served around Niagara county, a school, a gym and drill building, a computer center, and a (very) hardened bunker, the only building on base we couldn’t get in. Inexplicably, the main road through the base is a Unicorn Drive; this probably had some military significance at the time, but now it’s a weird aside.

The Fightin’ 763d

The gym; I wonder why the apartment complex that sprung up from the barracks didn’t make use of it?

Military precision required every specification to be spelled out specifically and thoroughly and precisely.

There is a sign on EVERYTHING. Even when it is absolutely wrong.

The closest thing we could find to a bunker

I’m glad I didn’t work in IT here

The bunker building as it must have looked at one time. This mural is hiding in the dark in the server room…

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