I Love The Smell Of Asbestos In The Morning

And what a view it was to wake up to Sunday morning!

We didn’t even really explore this building much during the night, but in the blazing morning sun, it was a sight to see.

This building was in even worse condition than the state park ones, but I don’t even care, I like the further extremes of decay more than I ever would a pristine place that looked like it just closed last week.

After this building, with it still only being 8am, we wandered back along the bike path into town for coffee and breakfast (bagels with lox and schmeer at a delicious Jewish deli, for authentic Long Island flavor). Just as we were leaving the bagel shop, I felt a horrendous crack! come from my foot, at random, on a step that seemed just like any other. I thought maybe I’d just pulled a muscle and cracked a foot like one can a knuckle or jaw, and tried to walk it off on the mile and a half back to the asylum. It didn’t work, and just hurt more and more. But I wasn’t about to lose a chance at an asylum, even if I had no chance in hell of running or even quickly walking away from trouble. And building 93 was right there for me to hop and stumble through!

We started in the mechanical rooms at the top, looking out at Long Island Sound

As you can kind of see in the center of this picture, the flywheel on the blower is still spinning rapidly, I would assume from the temperature or pressure gradient through the building, since the air conditioner has been off for decades!

Building 93, as the iconic tower, seems to have taken most of the human damage out of anywhere in Kings Park. There is something to be said for following in the footsteps of so many past explorers and non-explorers though.

These oddly angled chairs are something of a theme in downstate NY exploring. I’ve seen them in two Catskill resorts, and apparently there are some at Hudson and Rockland too.

I didn’t go into most of the rooms with my foot bothering me more and more through the afternoon, so there’s lots of pictures of asylum corridors instead.

I brought the foot into urgent care yesterday when it refused to get any better — X-rays were inconclusive but I probably got a cuboid stress fracture. Which sounds much worse than it is. It should only be 2-3 weeks until it’s back to normal as long as I try to stay off it and don’t do much hiking or climbing or jumping (i.e. exploring). So, yet again, I won’t be going to Detroit this weekend.

Many more photos here

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