Benson Mines

Benson’s Mines wasn’t anything new to me, I’d already been a few times last year, and seen most of the upper complex. But like any good location, it’s full of secrets. This time, those secrets included an entire second complex on the other side of “Lake” Benson (the body of water created by the flooded mine). Much more isolated, this lower Benson would have survived in much better condition except for the out buildings being destroyed by fire in 1974.

These leftover mine tracks go everywhere around the property, the particularly circular ones still hosting 4-wheeler racing, and the rest being excellent ways to spend an hour or two completely lost!

I think “do not enter” is implied here

What are these for? They are baskets on chains that raise and lower from the ceiling.

This used to be connected by a massive building that was the Lower Works

A quick pass through Building 6 on the way out
Building 6

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