I’d just like to take this opportunity to let some people know how I feel about that UER meet this weekend. I don’t know whether to call it discrimination, bad blood, or just bad luck, but it needs to be known that these people left me in Holley, 23 miles from Rochester, and it only gets worse from there.

It started out like every other monthly meeting, with coffee and bagels and deciding where to go which is mostly bragging about what everyone else found. For once I had something to bring to the table, I’ve got some new drains (photos hopefully coming soon) that may or may not be the deep system finally! Trent shut me down so much from even talking about it (why? I found it myself) that I think I must have been onto something. Everyone seemed a bit bitter by the time we got to Holley, settling on exploring the abandoned high school again even though we’d all been there once. This time it wasn’t so easy to get in, with our door boarded over and the only way in a somewhat open window. A window MidnightGenius and I had no chance of getting in — a perfect window for macman and EvilNick to show off their superior climbing skills. We decided to leave them to their own devices, and for some reason Trent came with us instead, all he was interested in was my drain information, finally. It seemed like we’d be on our way there, and I could finally have a discovery and a shot at full membership, after only 10 months of trying.

It served the climbers right that they smashed their way into a window right in front of the one cop in a one-cop town. Newly signed trespass tickets in hand, they joined us to commiserate their defeat, and we set off for the drain, making one brief stop back behind the school to pick up the tripod Trent left behind when he gave up mid-window on his climb, which he asked me to hop out of the car and pick up. Fucking slime ball that he was, HE LEFT ME THERE, peeling out into the fucking street and driving to who the hell knows where. I tried calling him back, and everyone else in the car. I got hung up on, over and over. And had to call a high school friend who goes to Brockport to pick me up and bring me at least part home.

I found out this morning, they went to my drain yesterday. Right after they grilled me for all I knew left me behind. And that I’m not welcome there anymore, I had better make my own events and hope for the best. I’m just not good enough. Not good enough to see the places I discovered for them. Not good enough to participate in a community that went out of its way to find me. Not even good enough to be part of a public event.

Fuck this. Fuck all of them. Especially fuck Trent for leaving me, and Nick for thinking we can all fucking climb. But mostly Trent, for his ‘discovery’, and making me find my own way home from fucking Holley.

At least I have a tripod now.

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