What’s That Blue Thing?

On the last few urbex camping trips, we kept noticing something on the side of route 3 that looked huge, abandoned, and very, very blue. After a bit of research, I figured out that it was Benson’s Mines, and no one had really bothered to explore it yet, since it’s in the absolute middle of North Country nowhere, and no one from the ‘establishment’ thought it was worth the trip at all. And they were so, so wrong. I left this place with a very profound feeling of ‘coming out’ as an explorer: this was my first find worth anything at all, and half a day here nowhere near enough to see what the giant complex had to offer.

Step 1: walk past oblivious guard, through open gate.

Step 2: Take one. Don’t forget, safety fourth!
Take one

Step 3: Register at the ticket booth!

Step 4: Pick some buildings and explore.

Don’t forget your hard hats
Hard hat

Spare parts here if you need any

Plenty of room to grow your enterprise

Something exciting must be back here

Or just another failboat.

The Beatles + 8
Group Shot
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