The Worst Day Since Yesterday

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What better way to escape from Laura than skipping a few classes and going exploring on a Monday? First location was back at Sykes Datatronics again, I’m hoping I got a different look at it this time around?


After that, we returned to the ever more interesting Iola Sanitarium, for building #7 this time

I suspect these were some sort of holding cells. Building #7 found use after Iola closed as an office for the county department of Corrections.

At the end of this basement was a cinderblocked-off doorway. Ever the curious (and frustrated) one, I threw a poorly aimed brick, that made a hole in the brittle drywall next to the door. Inspired, we rammed the rest of the way through, and found what we never thought would see the light of day again:
Tunnels. Tunnels with lights on.
This was about to get interesting. Unfortunately I had to get back to home and Laura, so the rest of this will have to wait.

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