10 Group Name
11 This group shall be known as the Spider-Man Society, and is a project of the Concrete Discussion Group.
*12 From this point on we suggest abolishing the Spider-Man Society as separate to the existing Concrete Discussion Group as the membership is nearly identical, and using the Concrete Discussion Group name for exploring and computer events.

20 Organization
21 The group will be organized in chapters based on where members meet.
*22 With the existing membership as of the 1998 fall season, there are sufficient members for 4 crews: (24) at large members, for those who are not in any of the following groups; (22) RIT, (30) U of R and (9) SUNY Brockport
23 If there are enough at large members in an area that want to have their own meetings, an additional crew may be added.
24 Membership is defined as being on the mailing list or group roster, having attended one meeting or trip, and not having voluntarily left the group.

30 Elections
31 At our annual Groundhog Day meeting, officers will be selected by open election
*31.1 Due to increased membership, there will now be one officer per 6 members in attendance, rather than 1:4, for a total of 15 officers
32 Each chapter holds its election simultaneously but separately.
33 All those who choose to run may nominate themselves, or be nominated by another member if not present
34 Elections are conducted by hand raise, one candidate at a time. Members may vote for as many or as few candidates as they choose
35 Those members who receive the most total votes become officers
36 In case of a tie for the last opening, as long as all tied candidates did indeed receive votes, all will continue into the committee

40 Committee Leadership
41 Once the officers are elected, they can choose titles and responsibilities among themselves from the following, in this order:
41.1 El Presidente, La Presidente (2): Group presidents, a general leadership role as needed. Two positions: one male and one female, not from the same chapter, preferably the most recent people to have joined.
41.11 Der Vicepresidenten (1 per chapter): An elected vice president to fill in for el/la Presidente in their absence and coordinate their local crew
41.2 Explorer-General (1): In charge of the location list, and attempting to research new locations to explore. Must have a networked computer and/or access to a university network.
41.3 Minister of Information (1): Maintains IRC chat (currently #spidey98, should change with group name) and group mailing list (explore-l) on RIT server. Must have access to a computer. Must be member of RIT chapter.
41.4 Explorer(s)-Deputy (0+ as needed): Assist with finding locations, often choose to split the area geographically or have one particular type of location to focus on
41.5 Chief Logistical Engineer (1): Helps to arrange transportation for group trips. Controls access to group vehicle. Must be able to drive.
*41.51 Logistical Engineer (0+ as needed): Assist with transportation. Must have a car. Must not be in online chapter.
41.6 Chancellor to the Exchequer (1): Keeps track of any group funds that may exist especially in relation to longer trips, convention attendance or equipment
41.7 Chairman of the Bored (0-1 per crew): Coordinates signage and/or member recruitment, cooperates with other groups if any in area
*41.8 All additional committee members become Logistical Engineers if they have vehicles, or Explorers-Deputy if they do not.
42 In case of resignation officers choose their own replacement with no election needed, who can serve until the following Groundhog Day.
43 If the election for any of the single positions results in a tie, the Chancellor to the Exchequer shall divide a pomegranate into as many equal pieces as there are candidates. Each candidate is to be given an opportunity to retract from the election, in the best interest of the group. If two or more remain, each tied candidate shall count the seeds of their segment of the pomegranate. The candidate with more seeds wins.

50 Meets and Events
51 The Group is in season whenever RIT, U of R and/or Brockport is having regular academic year classes.
*51.1 The Group is out of season in the summer, but trips can still occur in any month, planned online.
52 Regular meetings occur once every 3 weeks during the season
53 The meeting itself takes place Thursday night at 11:30pm, at Jay’s Diner
*53.1 Chapters are encouraged but not required to organize their own meetings on the other Thursdays
54 The trip(s) planned by this meeting can take place any time in the following 3 weeks; one or more events should happen between any two meetings.
55 Special events other than these can occur year-round, existing ones are:
*55.1 Groundhog day (2/28/99; 3/5/00; first Sunday on or after 2/28 thereafter), explore Rochester subway and hold annual election
*55.2 Operation Exploration (7/30-8/1/99; 7/29-31/00): Summer convention meets somewhere in the northeast, with explorers from Toronto invited
*55.3 Wild Goose Week (9/6-9/99; 9/11-14/00): The first 4 days before the first meeting of the fall season, recruitment week at the colleges, local exploring nightly for new members
56 All events except the regular meetings will be announced on #concrete, with reminders 10 and 1 days before the event if applicable.
57 If an event is canceled due to weather or attendance issues, it will be rescheduled for one day later, except for Sunday trips that are postponed one week later.
*58 If it is deemed necessary for a specific trip, a trip leader for a single event can be decided by consensus; trip leaders’ decisions regarding an event are final.

60 Conduct
61 We act as a group, as well as a collection of individual members: there is no need to compete with each other, as it will prevent cooperation and discovery.
62 We do not damage or destroy locations: we are adventurers, not pillagers. If an entrance is to be found, one is not to be made.
63 The exterior appearance of a building must not be altered by our presence.
64 All group events are open to all group members, but no event can be made obligatory.
65 All who are interested should be allowed and welcomed into our group, unless they have violated one of these principles during group activity.

70 Group Vehicle
71 Suggested donations should be collected on all trips and annual meetings of $2 per person per day exploring, and $10 to run in election.
72 All proceeds should be added to the group vehicle fund.
73 When this fund reaches $1750, *or at Groundhog Day 2000, whichever comes first*, the Core Logistical Engineer will convene a committee to purchase a group vehicle.
*74 Once the vehicle is purchased, any group member can drive it on a group function, or with the permission of the Core Logistical Engineer
*75 After vehicle purchase, the suggested donation will not continue, EXCEPT $5 per person for use of the group vehicle.
*76 In the case of two simultaneous trips, the Core Logistical Engineer should distribute the group vehicle to the one that would otherwise leave more people behind. If neither trip has a vehicle, the farther destination takes precedence.

* Amended 2/11/99, passed Groundhog Day 2/28/99

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