God Is Not Dead, Nor Doth He Sleep

…but then, what exactly was this place? God’s Rest Home, I must say, seemed like an absolutely dismal place to live out one’s last years, in a rotting brick building in the midst of a decaying city battered by the bleak Midwestern climate.

After that place, our fifteenth successful explore of the day, we finally lost our daylight and got up to a roof for a few last shots of the city

…and eventually returned to our parking space from which we could wander around to all of this, right next to the church where it all began

I decided to have some fun in the more or less abandoned parking garage before we went to our motel for the night

And there ended my overwhelmingly best day ever as an explorer. 16 for 17 in a city I’d never been to (but admittedly not so tough a challenge…), and the whole variety from churches to factories to apartments to random things we’d never expected. The main thing we missed was a school, so we decided with our limited time before the far too long trip home, we’d try one of those in the morning

[continued in part 8]

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