Summer Reruns

Back in the subway for the Nth time. It's a waste of a chance to get out somewhere with a real explorer, but maybe, just maybe, it might lead to something better in the future. Until then, I guess I should just be glad to have gotten out at all. Spider! Hmm, maybe it was worth the trip. I never had a wide angle any other time I was here.

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Goodbye, Iola

[continued from previous post] And just like that, I met a real explorer. Three real explorers, actually. I might be able to make a comeback after all. I'd hoped this would happen somewhere I hadn't already been so many times, and I might get to see a new, interesting location somewhere, but at least I have my foot in the door again! We continued from the house into Building 7, the corner one at South and Westfall. The tunnels, and even the basements, have flooded since last time I was here, making these cages an even more miserable place. This…

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They Paved Paradise And Put Up A Costco

I never thought I would see this day, when the end is near, if not here, for what has become my favorite abandoned place. Not the most spectacular (but close), not the biggest (also close), but certainly the most meaningful to me, for all the times I'd been. I've probably spent as much time here, between all the tunnel parties, all the actual exploring, the week I spent squatting Building 1 with Anna for the hell of it, and the nights that I'd just get a few friends and some beer and Jim Beam and forget about how fucked up…

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