Again And Again

Even though it hadn’t been the best of times for the group, I still managed to get a real explorer in town. Which is an unusual enough opportunity for me I never quite know what to make of it — an explorer with experience, talent, and a car willing to take a weekday afternoon and explore with me is certainly enough to miss class for! It seemed like quite a waste, but she only wanted to see graffiti, so we went back to the easiest and most colorful places I knew.

Cobbs Hill water towers:


I thought this little one was pretty clever, despite far from high art

Then we stopped by the rave tunnel at Iola because Christina had never seen it and missed all the raves. It isn’t the same anymore; we lost our electric hookup that had made the place possible. A few buildings do still have power so there’s some chance of saving it, but being here in the darkened green room was almost funerary now.

In the daytime, a few miserable beams of light do fall into the tunnels through air vents.

I do hope with some extension cords and dubious engineering this place will at least live to see its anniversary in January

Finally, we decided to go through the abandoned subway, despite Laura begging me to come home in time for dinner. Probably if it weren’t for her we would have kept exploring all night, but it’s clear now who’s in control. I wonder how much longer I’ll get to explore at all now that I’m stuck going on weekdays and hiding it behind skipped classes?


In this light, even our ugly old Genesee looks like something

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