With Occupy Wall Street starting up, I just thought about this graffiti I’d seen a few years ago in the Rochester Subway. I don’t think I thought much of it at the time. In 2008 I didn’t even really know how to ride a bike, let alone having one. Yes, I was that sheltered. But that was then.

When the revolution comes, will your bicycle be ready?

I have no idea who Jonah L’Esperance is, assuming he’s even the one who said it, but this is really kind of brilliant. Say what you will about bikes being slow, or somehow else inferior to cars, but they really are the most egalitarian vehicle — one bike per person, no fuel to run it (except for burning our own fat), and you get to experience the city in an entirely deeper way on a bike than watching it go by through a windshield.

This may even end up being a future plan for Concrete now that we’ve lost all our vehicles (AGAIN) so we can stay out on our adventures — no cars involved means no stupid drivers being pains in the ass and stranding us before the trip has even started.

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