Calm Before the Storm

I should be used to it now — whenever anything is going well for me, it’s only setting up for the collapse later on. I’d only meant to go for a quick early Saturday morning explore with Ian while Nate finished some bullshit at work, and we’d go off to the Catskills for the weekend, and by the time I was back my friends would be here for the semester, and we’d go spend a few days with them exploring everything and getting the rave space up and running again. At least, that’s what I thought would happen. Of course Ian would wait until after I got up at sunrise:30 to meet him at Iola to let me know that a half hour there was all we would do this weekend, and he told Nate to cancel and not to explore this weekend. So I don’t see the year with them playing out too well. As if that wasn’t enough, on the bike ride back from Iola to campus it started hailing golf balls.

After a good pummelling from those, I got home to a text from Ryan that I still had a few days to wait for any of my friends to be back. Then overnight Laura ripped my world apart even more for telling it like it is and being too adventurous for my own good. Not even the kind where she’ll set me free, just the kind of fight where she dares me to set myself free. When I have nowhere to go and no one to go with, and she knows it. So I try to make the best of what I have, and it isn’t good. Instead of a week exploring places I’ve never seen, all I get is a Sunday spent editing the hell out of the few pictures I took, doing anything I can not to just get on the bike and hope for the best somewhere (that never worked for me before! why should it now).

So here’s the fruit of all this: HDRs I never meant to have. I don’t even like HDR. These are probably terrible. But they’re something, and at this rate they’ll be all I have for a while.






What do you think about these? Terrible, or something worth saving? I don’t feel like they’re my kind of photos at all…

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