1977 House

Got lost on the way into Grossingers and found this thing. We’re not sure exactly whose house it was, but it seems to have been either a VIP family at the resort who had their own summer home, or a caretaker of some sort, as it’s well within the resort fence. Whatever the cause, these people left very abruptly, almost as if expecting to return next summer, not bothering to move out.

The style and decor looks about like the late 70s… the resort closed in 1986, which may be when the residents finally left.
Living Room

The things people leave behind…

Even a dresser full of clothes for a teenaged girl

And a kitchen with appliances and wine glasses still in place.

The only sign of any history we could find were a few post-it notes saying “Leave this. –Cherie”. Who was Cherie? What happened to her?
More here (photos 1-11)

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