Fluid Dynamics 201

After the furniture factory, a few of us split off from the UR group at Nate’s suggestion to check out this place in Niagara Falls he found. Once the power plant for the massive (and demolished) Union Carbide plant, at the time Niagara’s biggest employer, this was the largest Tesla AC (54 volt) facility ever constructed. Union Carbide eventually failed massively, in part due to bad public relations after the Bhopal incident, and most of the compound met its demise. This part still remains, surrounded by active machine shops, but completely open for the past few decades. Other than the enormous machines inside, the most notable part of it is the pervasive black dust on every surface and in the air. Which, come to think of it, is probably what carbide is.

In the Hall of Machines

One rusty, crusty machine. Any idea what it did?

The top (about 4 stories above the machines). These conveyor belts dump into hoppers full of the black dust

A few more machines!

See the rest here

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