Black Cats and Step Ladders

(Part 5 of my Detroit/Cleveland adventure)

Right out of the cold storage, this came along meowing at me. I wanted to bring him home with me. But instead he just seemed to bring typical black-cat luck through most of the day!

Four locations, and four U-turns, into the day, Mike still needed to wrap his head around the fact that not all of us can climb like lemurs… this was a perfectly doable entrance for him, and a perfect way to fall and break something for me!

And nothing but more of the same at St Luke… no way in at or near ground level!

Things finally began to turn around at Warner Swayze, not a particularly interesting place but it was what we had available to us, from the ground level places he knew. Which, of course, wouldn’t stop him from climbing the brick exterior right up to the six-story roof. I chose the path more traveled by: right into the open door.

All these places started looking the same after a while, he would just take me from one factory to the next, clearly not all that interested.

Mike called this one “Green Windows” for the obvious reason. He seemed to like it a bit more than the others, but it was really pretty ordinary for a factory. Except that it was in Cleveland and I’d never been in it.

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