Fluid Dynamics 101

I really needed a success today… Failmeet 2010 lived up to its name in so many epic ways, and it’s looking like what was supposed to be my coming out as an explorer is actually about to be my disastrous fall from any semblance of respect. Took yet another temp-ban from UER today, and they gave me an ultimatum of explore somewhere new and quit or get banned. (Yes, you should be just as confused as me, this doesn’t seem like a good set of options at all.) So I found a new place in Brockport, and convinced Ian to go with me even though it probably wouldn’t be at his level. I think he thought I wouldn’t take him up on his offer that he’d meet me out there if I could bike there.

So the place itself was a soap factory. A decade later, everything there still looks, feels, smells and tastes soapy. It would probably sound soapy too if there was such a thing. Like most places I go, getting in was simply a matter of walking in the front door.

The R&D labs were still there too, albeit quite trashed like the rest of the place. Bottles of assorted, probably nasty chemicals remained on the shelf and smashed throughout the room

Collect ALL the measuring cups?

Another try at HDR. Hideous or fascinating? Or both?

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